Ready to Adopt?

Rabbits are very social animals. We don’t believe that any rabbit should live alone or in a house with other animals that don’t speak the same language. Therefore, we will only let a single rabbit go as a partner to an already existing spayed or neutered rabbit. We will offer our assistance during the bonding process as well. If you do not already have a rabbit, please consider one of our pairs!

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Our Adoption Process

Our adoption process is foster-to-adopt to ensure that rabbits are actually a good fit for you. After approval of your application, we will discuss which rabbit(s) might be your best fit and schedule a home visit. During the home visit, we will set the rabbit(s) up in your home and give you a crash course about rabbits. We will provide the supplies the rabbit(s) needs for the duration of the foster period. This includes an exercise pen, litter box, food bowl, water feeder, as well as hay, litter and food. All you will have to supply are fresh greens and love.

We will also be available to cut the rabbits’ nails and groom, if needed. Our foster period will last up to 90 days, by which time you should be able to decide if you wish to adopt. If you decide you would like to adopt the rabbit(s), simply let us know! We will send you a shopping list with items to purchase those loaned to you during the foster period. Once all items have been obtained, let us know and we will come to your house to finalize the adoption.

Adoption Application